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Malta Qualifications Council - MQC


The overall objective of the Malta Qualifications Council (MQC) is to steer the development of the National Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (NQF) and to oversee the training and certification leading to qualifications within the Framework and which are not already provided for at compulsory education institutions or degree awarding bodies. MQC is responsible for defining the levels of qualifications and competences within the NQF and for establishing standards related to qualifications within the Framework. Malta’s Qualifications Framework is at the forefront of European developments, achieving as it does, the inclusion of qualifications across compulsory, vocational and academic sectors into a single framework.

The central aims of the Malta Qualifications Council are to:

MQC is committed to make the relationships between qualifications clearer and user friendly. It clarifies exit points and routes for progression within and across education and training sectors. It works towards increasing the opportunities for credit transfer. Over time, it will help accredit informal and non-formal learning, help sectors to design qualifications framework which best fit into the NQF and establish an accreditation system across all qualifications based on credit transfer.

MQC also stands for quality assurance (QA) in the provision of vocational education and training. In designing its QA policy, MQC will further develop guidelines to enable learners, training providers and industry achieve excellence and increase their competitiveness in an open market economy.

Since August 2008, the office of the Mutual Recognition Coordinator and the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre have been merged into MQC.

MQC is committed to:

MQC aims at publishing and updating procedures which enable training providers to:

MQC is the agency that provides a shared national context for qualifications. In describing qualifications within the Framework, MQC uses two principle measures: the level of the outcomes of learning and the volume of outcomes, described through a credit transfer system.

Throughout our lives we tend to acquire a range and variety of knowledge, skills and competences through formal, non-formal and informal learning.  Through the National Qualifications Framework, there exists the possibility for all these forms of learning to be pegged within the framework.  However, unfortunately, there is a lack of vocational trainings for people with learning disabilities. The Malta Qualifications Council firmly believes in valuing all forms of learning and hence the huge interest in participating in this project lies within the aim of this project – that of giving the possibility for training programmes offered for persons with learning disabilities to be level rated and eventually accredited within the National Qualifications Framework.

Contacts: Richard Curmi
Address: 16/18 Tower Promenade, St. Lucia SLC 1019, Malta
Tel.: +356 2180 1411
Fax: +356 2180 8758
Email: richard.curmi@gov.mt
Webpage: www.mqc.gov.mt



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